Spring planting

The latest planting on our garden beds has been possible thanks to a donation form the Pyrmont, Glebe and Ultimo Menshed association.

We are all so happy to provide free fresh food possibilities to our local community.

Jubilee Kitchen Gardeners
Spring planting group


Wicking Garden Bed for a Balcony

On Sunday, July 8, members of JKG held a workshop by the garden beds at Jubilee Park Oval.
The event was to introduce the local community on how to build a water-smart wicking garden bed for their balcony, courtyard or garden.
Diego, Rob and Jan explained to the attendees how the 5 wicking garden beds by The Arches came about by a group of people who either work, use or live locally to Jubilee Park and are passionate about gardening and sharing the produce.
An example of a commercial wicking bed was shown before Diego went on to explain the process and components of how to make a wicking garden bed for any area at home.
The attendees were then able to make their own miniature wicking garden bed, using a small container with gravel, plastic tubing, shade cloth, soil and sugar cane mulch.
They were then able to take cuttings from the garden beds and plant their own tiny garden.
Afternoon tea was supplied and an enjoyable afternoon was shared.
Photography by Lisa

Free workshop Sunday 8 July

How to build a wicking bed for your balcony.

WHAT: Learn how to build a water-smart wicking bed at your local Community Garden.

Wicking beds are a wicked way to be water-smart. Easy to build, they are effectively a self-watering system to grow veggies and herbs and flowers.
In a three hours workshop, we will explain how the wicking bed system works using our 5 garden beds as an example. We will also show you how to build a simple wicking bed for your balcony and start growing straight away!

The workshop is free but you need to book your place.
Reserve your place online at www.trybooking.com/WINS

WHERE: Jubilee Kitchen Garden is located beside the Mens Shed and Archies Studios, under the Light Rail track at Jubilee Park Oval.


WHEN: Sunday July 8, 2018
1pm to 4pm.
Workshop starts at 1:30pm


WHAT TO EXPECT: Friendly people passionate about gardening and sharing skills. Nibbles, drinks and tea. Take away printed notes detailing the simple steps to build your own wicked wicking bed.

Flier Workshop July 8


Please download the flyer here >
Flyer July 8 workshop, colour


Visiting fellow green thumbs!

A tea and a visit of Whites Creek Native Nursery

Yesterday a group of Jubilee Kitchen Gardeners was offered a tea and a tour of the amazing WHite Creek Native Nursery.

It was amazing to see such incredible facilities were a lot of native seedlings get produced for bush regeneration projects in the Inner West.

Below some images from the day from Lisa.

A tea and a visit of Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit to Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit of Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a tour to Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit of Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit to Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit of Whites Creek Native Nursery
A tea and a visit to Whites Creek Native Nursery

Wicking bed

Our garden boxes are wicking beds. What does that mean? It means is a self watering system, perfect for gardens that do not get attended daily. Here is a design of the system from @milkwood_permaculture resources and credit is where credit’s due we pillaged freely from their teachings. So here it is, as a sign on the beds for people to understand what they are looking at and how it works.

#creditwherecreditsdue  #wicking #garden #comunitygarden#ediblecities #feedtheneighborhood

Gardens never sleep

It is so good to see how much locals are embracing the gardens.
It makes us very happy to see families, commuters, locals on a dog walk stopping by the gardens and get a bunch of herbs to then take home with them.

Here below you will see two of the people who regularly meet to work on the gardens on Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm.

This is Jan and Robert. Both live locally, Jan just up the hill and Robert in the Harold Park apartments. Here topping up the soil and planting some seedlings.

Gardens never sleep 🙂